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:00 central on abc. . >> cool and cloudy conditions as sandy pulls out of here. >> it's overcheming to see this turn out. overwhelming i've never seen it. >> folks excited for election day. hear why they couldn't wait to make a decision. >> there's no magic bullet. >> no magic bull lelt but there is a method to the madness. . >> right now we want to start with a look out the back window. why so dreary today? . >> will it clear up for tomorrow. we'll check in with with wyatt everhart. >> those cloudy conditions courtesy of sandy. it's mostly a hit or miss patch of drizzle overnight but we're clearing out nicely. still some clouds sweeping into our state from that system and again just a patch or two of drizzle but we're seeing clearing to the south and west. with that we'll cool down tonight. in the 40s now in rock hall. in the overnight, getting chillier than that, i think we could be down to 37 by daybreak. don't forget to check out the a bc two news weather app. . >> thanks wyatt. you want to know how important this election is, we're going to take you to randall's town. >> long
-up for hurricane sandy claims another life. i'm cheryl connor with details of a man who died white cut down a tree. >>> sandy is still sending cooler temperatures in ore area. >>> are you trying to figure out what do with all the halloween candy. why not serve our troops overseas. >>> tonight, we may never look at a leaning tree the same again. >> a contractor removing trees in annapolis was killed when a tree fell on him. this is just a horrible story. >>reporter: yeah, absolute awful. he had experience on the job. he was cleaning up after hurricane sandy, just as so many people in the area are doing. a friend called it a freak accident, one his son had to watch. >>reporter: there's absolute hear ache in saint margarets. family and friends gather in a front lawn waiting for their loved one's body to be taken off property. >> just kills me. >>reporter: this man says his friend, 50-year-old santiago lopez were working along side other men, trimming trees damaged by hurricane sandy. they were in the back of this house when lopez was hit by a tree and died instantly. . >> it was an accident. terrible
't as affected as the new jersey and long island coast from sandy so there's a lot to work with on this. the details we're style ironing out but it's going to have significant impacts on areas that really don't need it right now . >>> at the school cafeteria in vent ner, much more than lunch was served today. >> this is really nice, like, i'm -- i -- i was in tears coming and seeing all the stuff that people donated, like, this is so nice. >> so many residents returned home from evacuating to find most of their belongings destroyed by flood water. sidewalks are piled high with ruined possessions as home own rsers now face another deadline. >> we're going to try to safe what we can and, yes, beat the clock before the next one coming through. >> the next one as in storm, a nor'easter brewing that forecasters say could bring #50 mile-per-hour winds and coastal floogd, not exactly what water logged people here want to hear. >> i'm really worried about it because it seem that is this town has a tough time moving -- moving the water out, and even routine storms tend to make this a little bit,
million less than the year before. >>> in the wake of superstorm sandy people have reached out. >> scammers using superstorm sandy as an opportunity to pull a fast one. >> we lost everything. >> reporter: for people hit hardest by superstorm sandy it will take years to rebuild. her damage will make it here soon enough. conmen who experts say will start peddling cars. they may look fine in the present, it their past you should worry about. cars flooded in sandy's wake has seen plenty of waters. these ones from new york sat in it for days. we've seen cars flooded out here too. thanks to massive water main breaks in baltimore city. all of these could eventually make their way to you. >> we've seen this sort of behavior in the past. >> reporter: frank runs the national insurance crime brewer. a group created to track fraud from the industry. he said so far member have tracked at least 50,000 vin numbers from cars damaged by sandy. that's for fewer than katrina but still significant. because thousands of flood cars could end up on market and you'll know they're secret. in maryland
all seen the video and pictures of the aftermath of hurricane sandy. from new jersey to new york city in the north to right here in maryland and garrett county. damage from wind, water and snow is causing huge problems and upsetting many lives. areas that were spared got hit the hardest here in maryland. threefeet of snow block roads and trapping people in their homes. the county put out calls for help. many answered. >> we were prepared both internally and with external assets to be prepared for a direct hit. blessing is we did not receive that. now we are able to use some of our own resources to help others. >> baltimore city sent ems crews to new jersey. the crews handled more than 40 calls in just 12 hours. >>> a few hours up 95 tonight millions of people are still without electricity and heat. at least 105 deaths are being blamed on hurricane sandy. the storm is forcing the city to break with tradition in solidarity. >> hurricane sandy has claimed another casualty. the new york city marathon has been canceled. >> it was clear this was not going to be a celebration of new york. it
in recent weeks. charley crowson works with you tonight. >> it's been a week since sandy destroyed homes and neighborhoods and thousands with no where to go. and it's the pleas that are often the most heartbreaking. >> we have nothing. >> reporter: while the peak of the storm missed maryland by just 100 miles we're just as vonnerrable to disaster here large and small. to give yourself the best chance, you need to prepare and do it now. >> you need to be prepared to take care of yourself for the first 48 hours. >> reporter: you'll want plenty of water and food. >> if you have to get out early a disaster go kit is essential. >> reporter: it should include >> put it in the trunk. it's safe out there. with you at all times and you don't have to think. >> now that you have your kit ready you want to think about keeping your social security birth certificates and photographs protected at all times. you may have relied on a fire box or burned to a dvd. >> mickoens has been familiar with a virtual safety net for quite some time. >> it's getting to the point where every day users can use it. >> r
who couldn't make it during sandy are out there and we're seeing it move in our favor. >> so you're going to be here throughout the night watching these numbers? >> can't leave now, got to watch it through. >> this alliance formed just to bring this question to the ballots. are you going stick together if this doesn't go in your favor? >> we have to stick sdpoth that's an important part about it. so many thousands on maryland engaged in this so it's important to stay on this. >> thank you. we'll be hear here as those numbers continue to come in. the maryland catholic conference is here, and the maryland marriage alliance joined with them in pushing this question to the ballot. >> cheryl, let's go to question no. four. this one on your ballots, the dream act, it would allow some undocumented students to get in state expenses at colleges, we have 58% for the dream act and 42% against. those are just a couple of the issues. let's get to the races. the democratic incumbents are vague good night. >> that's right, ben cardin will serve another term. charlie krou son and jeff hay ge
. >> the sxheet humidity brought 7 rounds of severe weather throughout the state. we had superstorm sandy, the strongest storm ever to make it north of north carolina. >> could these be the precursor to an extreme winter ahead. let's look to the past and the warmth of 2011. >> december started the warmth, not one day in december did we go below 41. by march the temperature were over ten degrees above average. we were considered a snow drought city last year as we recorded a pathetic 1.823467 inches of snow -- 1.8 inches of snow. the snow of 2011 was one of the most severe winters on weather recording 77.7 inches of snow. so the $64 thousand question is where do we go next? there's a lot that goes scomboo the out look. there's only one true indicator that can begs judge how this upcoming winter will be. >> the most significant weather pattern that afblths the weather is over the pacific. i spoke with my colleague at the national weather service aasht the pacific. >> at this point, kind of the odds favor us to not be dealing with either el naen know or al neen i can't this winter. . >>
, coming up. >>> we need more money, that's what people are saying in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. they are asking for more federal aid. hoping for a quick response from the president. >>> we have more breaking news to tell you about. police are at the scene of a deadly car accident. on the 900 block of deer park road. one person has died and others are trapped. >>> the folks you are about to meet see those accidents too much. it is dangerous, deadly, people drive too fast and the county needs to do more to fix it. that's what the county is saying. if you live on this road you met tonight with the police and the highways and they showed a survey taken in september, most residents said the road is a problem. there were complaints. cars running into people's homes. >> we want the councilmen, the bureau of highways and the police to hear the stories of the residents who live along the roadside and what they put up with. this was starting a dialogue. your next step is to go to our facebook page. there has to be a road in your area you think is dangerous. sound off on our facebook page
of entertainment history, jimmy kimmel auctioning off his desk to raise money for the sandy relief effort. signed by jimmy, fellow late night host david letterman, steven cobare and john stewart. you can bid on the desk. and the proceeds will benefit the red cross. >> that's a cool idea. everybody pitching in to help out those in need. >> it's a nice desk. i'd put money on it. >>> we have a cold morning. let's get you out the door tomorrow morning with temperatures in the 30s. north and west upper 20s to around 30 degrees. we'll go up to 50 for your afternoon high. chilly and dry for tuesday. wednesday, oh, boy, 41 degrees. rain, wind, back at 4:30 with an updated forecast. and we're back after this. oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa, and you'll always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >>> here at abc we're committed to givi
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Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11